HGH Injections

  1. Use negatives

    muscle growth - it is a natural result of its reduction. Much attention is paid to the concentric phase of the lift, when the muscle is shortened by cutting. But stretching muscles during eccentric (or in other words - the negative movement) when the muscle lengthens, also results in hypertrophy, i.e. muscle growth. Applying the negative repetition, you can make significant gains in mass.

  2. Eat fish

    Fish containing large amounts of fat - salmon, for instance - provide us with fatty acids omega-3s. Why is this so important? OMEGA-3s make the muscle more sensitive to insulin; hence they restock glycogen and promote the entry of amino acids into muscles while also preserving glutamine reserves.

  3. Increase the intake of sodium

    I am not kidding. Sodium - an important mineral that is indispensable for muscle growth. At sodium is one drawback - it can lead to accumulation of fluid in the body - a curse for bodybuilders. The positive impact - increase in the stock of carbohydrates and amino acid digestibility improved, along with improved muscle response to insulin.

  4. no aerobics

    Aerobic exercise has a negative effect on the construction of the mass. Aerobics affect the power performance and recovery, burning valuable glycogen and branched chain amino acids (BCAA). Adding to the weight, you increase the metabolic rate, and this is the best way to stay in shape and not gain fat.

  5. Blast equipment

    The force generated by the muscle is proportional to muscle mass. Strength - a mass (weight with which you work) multiplied by acceleration (the speed at which you lift, push w). To increase strength, increase the weight and quickly lift the weight.

  6. Dramatically increase the intake of calories for 3 days

    Have you ever set a positive nitrogen balance, if the diet is low in calories. It requires building material - carbohydrates, proteins and fats - to provide mass growth and recovery. Increasing the number of calories to 50% (from 3,000 to 4,500 per day, for example) for 3 days may lead to increased weight, with a slight increase fat. The secret is to limit the increase in the three-day period of calories; you will be able to give an incentive to grow and accumulate glycogen due to carbohydrates. If you are overtrained - and not to increase the weight, try - the extra calories will boost anabolism, before it starts to store fat. That's why this 50% increase, and is limited to three days. After that, return to a normal diet; you have already given a stimulus to growth.

  7. Recreation

    Many are unable to gain weight as they are being intensively trained and are not restored. The two-day holiday will restore glycogen, increase anabolism and return indicators of testosterone and cortisol to normal levels.

  8. Eat at night

    Anabolism depends on an excess of calories. As you are aware, bodybuilders eat 4-6 times a day. Additional meal at night, in the form of protein shake helps to achieve further growth.

  9. Increase strength powerlifting

    Muscles are responsible for training of three types. When you train with high reps (more than 15), increases endurance without significantly increasing strength and muscle mass. Range from 6 to 12 reps - the most common among bodybuilders - provides increase strength and muscle mass. Powerlifters generally use low reps, 2-4 per set, which can significantly increase the power at the expense of a slight change in weight. If you potreniruetes week with a small number of repetitions, you will notice that they have become stronger when you come back to training with 6-12 repetitions.

  10. Great Trinity: Glutamine, and BCAA Kreatin

    Low levels of glutamine muscle growth stops - therefore important supplements containing this compound. Creatine increases production of ATP - the chemical fuel source for training and growth. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are used as a fuel source when glycogen levels are low.

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